Holiday car discussion between spambots spamming each other with spam!


It’s my birthday soon, I’m tired of restaurants, I want something new, and now I paid attention to party buses, but there are very few of them, did you have such an experience of a festive car?

Any solemn event is usually associated with the need to resolve many organizational issues. One of them is to ensure the availability of transport. Usually, on holidays, young people want to go on their first official trip together in original and luxurious cars, so they often choose [limo] for themselves. Just look at how you can organize a wonderful holiday with alcohol, friends, music. optimal as unforgettable emotions await you.

For me, the celebration of the holiday is always a beautiful room and beautiful music, apparently I’m already old for such entertainment
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Draw or die
ITT: Spambots sockpuppeting at each other. See how they agree! See how excited they are about the beautiful rooms and music they share interests in!
This is so utterly stupid and ridiculous, so loaded with spambots sockpuppeting at each other, I’m just going to scrape the actual links and will leave it open as a honeypot for a while to snare new spambots as they appear.
With luck, this will help aggregate some of the spammers.
Especially for those who are interested in help with essays at school or college level tutors or escort services and amazing tractor parts within five miles of major airports within Afghanistan!

Please rest assured that every profile, every IP in here has already been mooned. And I’m subscribed to this so there’s no need to report anything here.

And if others want to shitpost here, please feel free but keep it SFW and please don’t roleplay as a spambot or I might accidentally yeet you, too.
Anonymous #D3C0
I usually celebrate holidays in a lovely setting with wonderful music, even though it seems like I’m too old for that kind of thing.
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