Change 1 word in this sentence

Satu Putra
Artist -

I am wolf therian 🐺
Inspired by a PokeFarm forum game. Have fun!


  • Site rules apply.
  • Words connected by the - symbol (like black-and-white) and compound words (like everyday and sunshine) count as one.
  • You may add/remove words on your turn, but you can’t change anything else if you do so.
  • You may only change punctuation if you change the connected words.
  • Have fun!

Example of how it works:

P1: Dogs eat apples.
P2: Do dogs eat apples?
P3: Do cats eat apples?
P4: Do cats eat chickens?
P5: Do cats eat melt-in-your-mouth chickens?

I’ll start!

Krystal went to a supermall.
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