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Birthday Fur - Joined within the first year of the site operation and has had significant amount of activity as of June 1, 2021.

By now you’re probably aware that Twitter is absolutely horrendous for intentionally browsing for art or trying to find things, and an unimaginable pain in the ass if you want to comfortably upload things from more than a few posts ago.
Thankfully there are solutions; the one I have is as follows:
Get the Twitter Media Download extension/add-on for Chromium or Firefox
Head to the twitter page for whatever artist you like and click on the new Media button at the top
Fiddle with the options for post ranges and media types, and tick Dry Run (unless you want a local copy of all the media)
Then you wait a while and download a zip file with a CSV in it. Import that CSV into your sheet editor of choice (I recommend Gdocs). Now you have an easily manageable list of post URLs and image URLs you can search and scroll through without being subjected to Twitter’s abhorrent UX.
Of course, you probably want some previews of the images. To do that:
  1. Copy the Media URL column into a text editor  
  2. Do a replace on https to =image("https  
  3. Do a replace on name=orig to name=orig")  
  4. Copy the column back in  
  5. Resize row height so you can actually see the images  
  6. Tinker with the sheet as you wish to change date sort order, hide columns, use a column to mark what you uploaded so you can filter it, add sheets for multiple artists, whatever  
  7. Enjoy not having to deal with the utter nonsense that is Twitter itself
    Note that you’ll want to get a tab suspender (or just close the tab) if you’re running this in Gdocs, as the memory footprint of the sheet’s tab can get pretty large.
Birthday Fur - Joined within the first year of the site operation and has had significant amount of activity as of June 1, 2021.

Another problem with Twitter: it’s absolute turbotrash with format fuckery. While it’s disgusting with what it does with PNGs, the true horror comes with animations, as it converts anything into an .mp4 (and, as twitter does, lies to your face about what format it is).
In absolutely all cases, if you see an animation on an artist’s twitter you should check if they have it available on any other site they use; it’s practically guaranteed to be better. If nothing’s available, then you’re going to want to convert that proprietary aberration of a format into a gif or a webm.
Generally, you’re gonna want to convert to webm, as it’s a pretty straight forward conversion, accepts high frame rates and large palettes, and obviously audio. For that, go here:
If you’re sure the original animation was a gif or just want a gif that can play anywhere, then use the following to reconvert it back to a gif:
In both cases, you can paste in the twitter post link into the URL field and that’s it. For gifs you may want to try some further optimization.
Anyway, stop using Twitter, it’s terrible for all sorts of reasons, many far more important than it’s objectively awful UX or the crimes it commits upon images.
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