Anyone knows a good site to publish AI (Furry) Artworks?


This site: Apparently allows AI art, but anyone who enters to this site doesn’t have the expectation of finding AI Artworks. Don’t convince me because every artwork uploaded there must be approved to be displayed in search results. Don’t convince me cause the same reason than, and made me wait one week to be able to upload artworks there. Was a good option until the staff decided to assign an AI the labor of deciding which artwork is situable to display and which isn’t, and some other weird changes to the site. Just because Apple and Google banned its app from their app stores with the excuse of no allowing NSFW content. Is maybe the only highly known site which has no Anti Ai Art policies, but it’s not a place designed entirely for IA arts. Almost anything is possible to upload there, but its focus is the NSFW content, not AI Artworks.
Please, leave a comment to this topic, only if you have the intention of telling me…
  • A site mainly designed for exhibition of AI Artworks, which allows NSFW content, and it’s not any of the sites I mentioned.
  • Tips for making my own public booru.
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