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Size: 1340x1112 | Tagged: safe, artist:hoshmyposhes, paprika paca (tfh), velvet reindeer (tfh), alpaca, cervid, deer, mammal, reindeer, feral, them's fightin' herds, 2d, antlers, blue eyes, blushing, cute, digital art, duo, duo female, ears, eyes closed, featured image, female, female/female, females only, fur, heart, hooves, hug, kissing, shipping, simple background, tail, tail wag, tan body, tan fur, white background, yellow body, yellow fur
Elly Catfox
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Foxy Catgirl ^_^
Omfg wtf I JUUUST found this and another similar one e621 a few hours ago and sent it to my Mistress wtfffff hahaha <3 mewww! Giggles >^_^<
Size: 2060x3010 | Tagged: safe, artist:asimplerarity, lady (lady and the tramp), canine, dog, mammal, spaniel, feral, disney, lady and the tramp, collar, eye through hair, eyelashes, female, fluff, fur, hair, high res, looking at you, looking back, looking back at you, simple background, sitting, solo, solo female, tail, tail fluff, white background
Anonymous #CF44
Thank you for this picture. I love this picture of Lady the cocker spaniel. She’s another one of my most all time favorite classic main canon heroines.

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