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Size: 1262x3954 | Tagged: safe, artist:forestdalecomic, bird, cat, feline, mammal, siamese, songbird, sparrow, anthro, barefoot, chinese dress, chinese text, comic strip, feet, female, group, maid, order, restaurant, text, toes, trio
Anonymous #98EF
As a native speaker, I would say the Chinese texts in the comic are pretty accurate.
Size: 547x497 | Tagged: safe, artist:tirrel, oc, oc:cerberus (cerberus), oc:tetchie razzel, mammal, rodent, squirrel, anthro, black hair, bottomwear, clothes, digital art, duo, ears, female, fur, giantess, hair, macro, male, molestation, open mouth, outdoors, pants, red body, red fur, tongue
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Draw or die
Dear OP: These images are all wonderful - thank you for uploading them :)
And thank you for improving your tagging! Your more recent uploads are perfect!
If you are the artist, please consider creating a profile. If you do, please send me a PM and I’ll help you get your artist tag set up :)

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