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Jan 31, 2021
Laundry day
Time for Adira to wash and dry some laundry, including the clothes she was wearing. :3

The top voted sketch suggestion from November! Original suggestion by SomeOtherTom:

Laundry Day: Adira hangs up her laundry to dry in the nude.
safe37790 artist:heresyart34 adira (twokinds)4 big cat2041 feline9935 fictional species35112 keidran85 mammal54739 snow leopard270 anthro40611 digitigrade anthro4131 twokinds104 20206759 4 toes137 belly button5548 black hair1265 breasts17621 casual nudity187 cheek fluff3136 chest fluff4400 complete nudity630 detailed background685 ear fluff3277 elbow fluff308 eyebrows1846 eyelashes4178 featureless breasts667 featureless crotch786 female42144 fluff11151 fur19639 hair14067 hip fluff101 holding object696 laundry3 leg fluff705 nudity22896 outdoors2766 sheet grab22 sheets33 short hair222 shoulder fluff1034 signature7957 solo41867 solo female25476 spots176 spotted fur856 spotted tail19 standing2568 tail29882 tail fluff2039 white body4052 white fur5254


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why u have such a obessedion wit hcollars and leashes good grief? n to think i used to like this bs… fuck flags btw im not into tyrannay! respect fucking tyranny yea u wis h bitches!