Maple! A Canadian reindeer who just might cuddle you to death <3 🦌🍁
… do you accept the risk??
safe93815 artist:jayrnski37 oc64584 oc:maple (jayrnski)18 cervid3873 deer3632 mammal145799 reindeer622 anthro123303 202215562 antlers1755 bleating4 blushing25414 bottomwear14209 brown body7078 brown fur7505 clothes70256 flannel shirt37 food5542 fur62538 green eyes9025 heart7151 kneeling4558 multicolored fur5392 necktie987 nonbinary265 pancakes83 reference sheet2078 shirt10146 skirt4038 smiling30048 solo116807 solo nonbinary94 tail84612 tail wag877 text12427 topwear20508 two toned body2997 two toned fur2420


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