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they are fast, they are blue, but most importantly. they are friends :3
safe51495 artist:alexsandercesa62 rainbow dash (mlp)1495 sonic the hedgehog (sonic)801 equine19855 fictional species45349 hedgehog1329 mammal74776 pegasus4852 pony16886 anthro56736 feral30245 friendship is magic16650 hasbro19172 my little pony18904 sega2902 sonic the hedgehog (series)2896 20215969 blue body2960 blue fur4250 chibi569 clothes32161 crossover1991 duo17543 feathered wings4492 feathers6372 female59273 flying1018 fur28531 gloves3018 high res2548 male34777 mare7427 shoes2981 smirk328 wings10448


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