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Commission (21.18)
Commission for Artemis_Vikaria
Character is their OC 'Efri'

DA source
safe45661 artist:complextree83 oc32487 oc only21914 oc:efri2 fictional species41040 anthro50186 20214274 adorasexy461 beach1209 beach towel52 belly button7381 bikini1687 breasts22857 cleavage2459 clothes29066 commission3840 cute4499 cute little fangs286 ears6059 eyebrows3140 eyelashes6499 fangs4233 female52361 fluff13700 fur24995 glasses3097 green eyes5734 hair17790 huge breasts2528 long hair1350 looking at you16064 paws9034 pendant191 sexy1029 shoulder fluff1430 smiling14510 smiling at you1502 solo50671 solo female31300 sunglasses563 swimsuit1973 tail35558 tail tuft1175 teeth9111 thick thighs2136 thighs5474 water2720 white body5559 white fur6662 white hair1376 wide hips3706


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