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I had to draw these three! I believe their names are Izzy, Sunny and Pipp? I really like their designs apart from a few nitpicky details. The main thing I dislike is how Izzy's horn looks like a party hat, but I can roll with it. Maybe it'll look better in the actual film/show, anyway; the merch is never the best indicator of that.

Why yes, I am using Pipp's wings to hide the fact that couldn't get a good look at her or Sunny's cutie marks.
safe58279 artist:maybehawthorn1 izzy moonbow (mlp)369 pipp petals (mlp)251 sunny starscout (mlp)297 earth pony4761 equine21860 fictional species54263 mammal87772 pegasus5396 pony18554 unicorn6704 feral33152 hasbro21096 my little pony20802 my little pony g5722 spoiler:my little pony g5722 202110852 braid461 clothes39595 feathered wings4813 feathers6929 female72086 females only3803 gradient mane319 hair27673 headband473 hooves6838 horn7998 horn pattern184 mare8015 speculation574 tail48518 trio3022 trio female636 unshorn fetlocks871 walking407 white wings143 wings11903


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