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as female x)
Crash Bandicoot- Activision?

safe163998 artist:teranen439 crash bandicoot (crash bandicoot)347 bandicoot1482 mammal255281 marsupial3702 anthro225671 crash bandicoot (series)1609 202127524 belly button56911 big breasts42183 black nose36157 bottomwear32029 breasts145896 brown hair7012 brown tail426 cleavage12452 cleavage fluff805 clothes134384 crate120 ears95752 explosives43 eyebrow through hair1362 eyebrows7549 eyelashes81736 female229447 fingerless gloves3172 fluff43458 fur124023 gloves14244 green eyes13988 gritted teeth2465 hair111714 heart11558 love heart1828 multicolored fur8296 orange body7193 orange fur6736 rule 632978 shorts10427 simple background71925 solo208462 solo female150723 tail154032 tank top4429 teeth31443 thick thighs23563 thighs93574 tnt23 tnt (crash bandicoot)15 topwear41534 two toned body5335 two toned fur4173 white background24202 wide hips81861


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