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Viw's Art

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Hanako the Bancho Blaziken
I've had this on my to-do-list for quite a while <u<
I love the whole bancho/japanese delinquent aesthetic, so I made myself a Blaziken of my own to fit! Hanako the bancho Blaziken :>

Also I tried a super quick style of shading, just to experiment! Let me know if you like it~

suggestive8291 artist:lyorenth-the-dragon37 oc27941 oc only18819 oc:hanako (lyorenth-the-dragon)5 bird4808 blaziken99 fictional species35708 anthro41083 nintendo8263 pokémon5831 areola6884 bancho5 baseball bat77 belly button5629 big breasts4636 bottomwear5016 breasts17824 chain101 clothes23807 colored sclera1816 detailed background694 female42792 fluff11428 green eyes4938 hair14329 hand behind back36 hat2897 holding object705 jewelry2210 long hair860 looking at you12775 nipples11309 nudity23218 pants2355 partial nudity2423 pubic fluff916 red body689 solo42501 solo female25899 topless774 topwear6958 white hair1177 wide hips2401 yellow sclera698


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