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safe34628 artist:teranen68 twilight sparkle (mlp)1295 alicorn1929 equine15286 fictional species32425 human3470 mammal50041 pony13148 anthro36707 unguligrade anthro1391 friendship is magic13786 hasbro14742 my little pony14632 20191704 big breasts3861 blue hair1262 blue tail240 bottomwear4457 breasts15728 cake215 chair428 chest fluff4030 choker628 cleavage1475 cleavage fluff47 clothes21282 cup239 cutie mark2395 dialogue3514 ear fluff2996 english text723 eyelashes3276 feathered wings3643 feathers4873 female38124 fluff10178 food2117 fur17457 glasses2441 hair12483 high res1541 holding1889 hooves4665 horn5519 ice cream150 legwear2790 long tail450 mare5515 milkshake15 multicolored hair593 multicolored tail255 open mouth10199 outdoors2509 pink hair1358 pink tail184 plant255 pleated skirt10 potted plant18 purple body622 purple eyes1574 purple feathers124 purple fur742 purple hair1058 purple tail252 shirt2955 sitting4068 skirt1391 smiling10281 socks711 stockings1412 straw68 table353 tail27240 talking4473 text4242 thigh highs1236 thunder thighs60 tongue7767 tongue out6048 topwear5990 voyeurism48 wall of tags75 window504 wings8064 zettai ryouiki27


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