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Originally posted on: February 17, 2019  
Luna :3
My half of an art trade with the talented meow-da-kat featuring Luna and a ball of yarn. Those things really bring out the cat in anyone, don’t they? full
I incorporated a lot of her suggestions into this drawing, and it definitely made the process every so slightly easier than usual while having little impact on the end product (well, unless you really zoom in, but you won’t, right? right?). Colors were altered at her request.
Additional shout-outs to Pirill-Poveniy and thediscorded for their help and suggestions as well.

safe167881 artist:djdavid98189 princess luna (mlp)1460 alicorn5290 equine40961 fictional species153656 mammal261965 pony33973 feral67843 friendship is magic31870 hasbro38336 my little pony37816 20199931 :3770 art trade429 behaving like a cat567 blue fur8620 blue hair4969 cheek fluff9439 cute14940 cutie mark4597 cyan eyes1476 ear fluff12837 feathered wings8942 feathers15163 female235858 floppy ears4045 fluff44116 fur128268 hair116019 high res24635 hooves13383 horn14988 leg fluff1626 lying down16905 on back4741 regalia2067 shoulder fluff4338 simple background74320 smiling48399 solo214132 solo female154881 spread wings6149 tail160050 tangled up25 transparent background10861 wing fluff74 wings26312 yarn51 yarn ball33


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