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Originally posted on: July 8, 2016  
Tracing Pirill’s sketch - Best pony being cute af
Pirill-Poveniy made a sketch of Applejack which I found really cute, but he wanted to leave it at that saying it was just some silly practice. Well, I don’t like to see great art go to waste, so I offered to help him by finishing it. In the process, I jokingly said “you should draw more rainbow dash tho”, and he ended up changing the sketch to Dashie for me full
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safe167883 artist:djdavid98189 artist:pirill26 rainbow dash (mlp)2880 equine40961 fictional species153658 mammal261968 pegasus10175 pony33973 feral67843 friendship is magic31870 hasbro38336 my little pony37816 20164704 absurd resolution6958 blue fur8620 cheek fluff9439 chest fluff12244 cute14940 cutie mark4597 female235862 fluff44116 fur128271 hair116023 hooves13383 looking back22353 magenta eyes1010 mane5652 mare15282 rainbow hair701 rainbow mane321 rainbow tail367 simple background74321 solo214135 solo female154884 tail160054 transparent background10861 vector1537 walking1147 wings26313


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