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Viw's Art

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[c] Yskra 2.0
Yskra's a Secret Agent Raptor, sworn to covertly defend his utopian homeland anytime, anywhere, from fancy high-society gatherings to scrap-worlds and the wilderness of the frontier. Thanks to his training, he's an expert negotiator, crafty investigator, decent seducer, and generally okay at sneaking around subtle-like.

A reference sheet by hisseefit of what I'm pretty certain is my actual sona. Out of all the raptors, this one in particular sparks joy!
safe28473 artist:hisseefit1 oc21136 oc only13903 oc:yskra (balefirephoenix)2 bird3839 bird of prey519 deinonychus6 dinosaur352 hybrid1468 raptor161 secretary bird16 20204690 abstract background2520 bird feet1323 black feathers124 bottomwear3455 cheek fluff2146 claws5006 clothes16686 color palette323 commission2231 complete nudity220 digital art3882 exclamation point198 fangs2588 feathers4364 featureless crotch545 fluff7990 front view1281 glasses1979 gray body1044 hand in pocket29 male19698 male symbol17 necktie328 nudity15892 orange body768 pants1554 rear view1724 reference sheet935 sharp teeth3387 signature6245 solo30547 solo male7214 star81 suit191 tail22004 talons1203 teeth5343 topwear4525 white feathers305 yellow body668 yellow feathers101


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