Krystal: Artemis Meadow Nebula
When we were passing by the Artemis Meadow Nebula, I asked her to nude model with that beautiful cosmic view in the background.
She looked a little embarrassed, but she came back a few moments later and did it.
I’m glad she was in a good mood.
† Character portrayals include the creator’s own interpretation and style.
questionable37877 artist:crocodiler owen1 krystal (star fox)2571 canine54778 fox19859 mammal165182 anthro140801 digitigrade anthro16662 nintendo40091 star fox3157 202015959 4 fingers1138 areola26804 arm fluff938 blue body6010 blue eyes11737 blue fur6297 blushing28209 body markings2089 breasts83937 cheek fluff6535 claws13038 crystal157 detailed background7497 ear fluff9185 female144356 fluff31259 fur71455 grass2625 hand on hip3734 high res21733 leg fluff1145 looking at you52938 lying down11327 nipples47146 nudity80711 on side923 raised tail3256 shoulder fluff3146 signature13547 solo132728 solo female90146 starry night71 tail95321 vixen8877 white body12295 white fur12400


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