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Viw's Art

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I am ready for the new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and I am working on a remix of Shroom Ridge. The reason I put Midnight Sparkle in because of The Legend of Everfree, and she is returning for the second time. Also, Midnight Sparkle threw the Spiny Shell, just to make sure that Rainbow Dash falls in second place.
dead source588 safe23055 artist:dashiemlpfim1 artist:mixiepie1 artist:pink1ejack60 artist:yoshigreenwater1 applejack (mlp)482 rainbow dash (mlp)939 rarity (mlp)688 twilight sparkle (mlp)931 earth pony2546 equine10716 fictional species22370 human2282 mammal31878 pegasus2862 pony9379 unicorn3548 feral16320 equestria girls189 friendship is magic10064 hasbro10503 my little pony10425 2016619 blue shell1 mario kart2 midnight sparkle (mlp)2 ponykart1 sci-twi (mlp)12 tail18361 vector634


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