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safe160604 alternate version23629 artist:tontaro530 eeveelution10298 espeon1188 fictional species147335 mammal249928 shiny pokémon1705 sprigatito810 feral66015 nintendo63679 pokémon47749 spoiler:pokémon gen 93746 spoiler:pokémon scarlet and violet3740 1:13867 2d20136 2d animation4731 ambiguous gender22656 ambiguous only2113 animated9426 bath674 behaving like a cat509 big ears1044 bubble bath135 casual nudity1068 cheek fluff9070 cleaning90 closed mouth210 colored pupils1225 complete nudity4024 cute14452 digital art103684 duo54269 duo ambiguous1626 ears92604 fluff42910 fur120565 gif6896 green body2514 green fur1336 happy3198 jumping594 long ears2221 long tail2180 looking down at another11 low res7599 nudity121227 open mouth57269 pointy ears1172 short tail5237 simple background70300 sitting18787 size difference7251 soap suds68 starter pokémon10597 tail150134 tail fluff8084 tail wag1590 thighs90448 white background23719 white pupils240


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