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So this is #12 and thus the last in my Katia Managan - Ugly Car Model series. And no, I personally think the Mach 5 is a beatiful car in it’s way. But that’s the point - they finally get to model a good car for once! Then after thinking about it, the 3 “points” kinda wrote itself. And then I realized I should have it animated-rumble. At one point I had Chim-Chim in the back oogling them - but in the end he just didn’t fit in.
I could post the non-GIF version, but this is kinda fun.
Next up, all 12 in calendar format ready for printing (if you’re brave enough to bring the .PDF to a printer).

suggestive54352 artist:bluedraggy216 quill-weave (the elder scrolls)66 oc111361 oc:katia managan175 oc:rajirra25 argonian501 feline43433 fictional species146544 khajiit362 mammal248625 reptile17739 anthro219653 prequel (webcomic)207 the elder scrolls842 202416633 animated9395 body paint266 car1098 gif6879 mach 51 speed racer1 vehicle2296


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