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Fangirl Espeon
She’s here to make sure you’re safe from those “pesky gals” on valentine day
40k th fluff tag

suggestive55911 artist:complextree572 eeveelution10437 espeon1206 fictional species149367 mammal253328 anthro223993 nintendo64451 pokémon48350 202420042 absolute cleavage2053 bikini16456 bow4374 bow tie1207 breasts144459 cleavage12250 clothes133174 colored sclera14249 evening gloves3263 eyebrows7540 eyelashes80768 female227587 fluff43214 fur122821 gloves14067 huge breasts23254 leash1919 legwear20929 long gloves4374 looking at you82671 open mouth57997 pink bikini184 pink body3950 pink eyes2036 pink fur2683 pink swimsuit192 shoulder fluff4228 slit pupils1521 solo206865 solo female149555 swimsuit18701 teeth31226 thick thighs23384 thigh highs4599 thighs92534 wide hips80909


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