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Krystal stars
Stream commission drawn for me by shonuff44 no. 1540
This one turned out great, but almost wasn’t made, there was unwanted lag in the stream that led to a LOT of confusion in communications between me and Shonuff.
But we worked it out and the pic was made.
So here is Krystal of star fox fame, nude in her quarters post mission offering a drink.
Do you take it?

suggestive51903 artist:shonuff3 artist:shonuff444 krystal (star fox)3312 canine83429 fox30259 mammal241988 anthro213229 plantigrade anthro10280 nintendo61794 star fox4090 202411034 alcohol1632 areola41133 blue body8788 blue eyes16497 blue fur8151 blue hair4717 breasts136193 complete nudity3831 dipstick tail1902 drink3989 feet7805 female216079 fur115577 glistening1000 glistening body626 hair103534 huge breasts21783 jewelry9543 looking at you78233 nipples72942 nudity117394 sitting18175 smiling44993 solo197186 solo female142020 space577 tail144323 tail jewelry231 tail ring211 vixen13411 white body17558 white fur16881 wine471 wine bottle113 wine glass388


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