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Rivet from the dinosaur planet
Last month poll winner was rivet using Krystal’s costume.
I’m really happy to have such awesome patrons thanks a lot for supporting my art
Hd version on my Patreon link in bio

safe167388 artist:psicoyote82 krystal (star fox)3478 rivet (r&c)789 fictional species153200 lombax883 mammal260945 anthro230912 plantigrade anthro11081 nintendo66525 ratchet & clank913 star fox4287 202334469 bandeau141 belly button58901 blue eyes17352 breasts149940 choker3663 circlet278 cleavage12974 clothes138030 cosplay1746 crossover cosplay17 ear piercing10796 earring4806 eyebrows7589 eyelashes84995 female234791 fur127510 hair115278 hairband662 loincloth2274 piercing16819 sandals1081 shoes14145 shoulder guards12 small breasts2872 smiling48226 solo213214 solo female154127 striped fur2749 topwear42780


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