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“Plap plap plap….
A dead cat is fine too~”
Say hello to NECROWHISKER, a necrophilic (most of the time zombie) snow leopard. I love making necro-characters and ficto-bestiality + ficto-necrophilic content in general, so he was a guilty pleasure of mine to make. I will use him in my content for the grimsest of necrophiliac fantasies and ideas, as well as for the more tame ones like this cartoony necro depiction. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do… and oh well if you don’t.. I wish you a very use your blacklist!
This goes without saying (since FA DIDN’T UNDERSTAND FOR SOME REASON!!!) I do not endorse acting on necrophilia and/or zoophilia(nor is this image “illegal” lol), irl bestality is wrong (animals can’t consent), the dead can’t consent yata yat yata. We’re keeping this adorable snep fictional for a reason, mkay?

explicit54979 grimdark1883 artist:jackrabbit686 oc111961 oc only74642 oc:necrowhisker4 big cat10898 feline43665 fictional species147352 human15878 mammal249947 snow leopard1339 undead1806 zombie359 feral66029 ambiguous gender22656 balls24195 bestiality1033 blep2878 blush lines256 blush sticker886 blushing41564 cartoony50 cheek fluff9071 collar only20 dead eyes2 disembodied penis1387 erection19959 fluff42913 fur120566 heart11441 human/feral527 interspecies8458 male97980 male/ambiguous282 motion lines703 necrophilia30 nudity121229 paws27453 penis37938 plap28 sex26927 simple background70310 stitches173 tail150137 tail fluff8084 tongue45753 tongue out24741 unrealistic1 x eyes83


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