Beautiful Scenery
You and Nessel were trekking the area for awhile now and had to stop and rest. Being so tired ,you laid down and it just so happened that you laid where you got the best view throughout the trip
commission was done for CryoGanix for Shugariosa
suggestive36671 artist:flinttheyordle1 oc79404 oc:nessel28 elf634 fictional species109824 goblin134 hybrid5235 mammal182838 humanoid8441 barefoot4483 big feet77 blonde hair3141 blushing31102 dirty soles31 ears55749 feet5376 female160494 fetish1461 flower3774 flower in hair962 flower on head424 foot fetish1389 foot focus977 gap teeth53 green skin162 hair71115 hair accessory1627 long ears1845 looking at you58716 open mouth43413 open smile5404 pigtails418 plant5367 sitting13526 skin1740 smiling35711 smiling at you9897 soles2256 solo146868 spread toes91 toes2961


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