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Fanart - MLP. Grueling Parenting
Commission for Dr. Mysterious Shade.
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This one’s a couple years old, as it’s often the case with some of my drawings. You can tell by how crunched those shadows are. I adjusted it a little bit after the fact, but I don’t think that made things much better. Not like I’m much better at shading now, but I want to think my shadows are less blotchy and a bit softer these days.
Poor Rainbow Dash. There’s something such as too much attention.
Please, let me know what you think of it in the comments. I appreciate every single one I receive.
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Thank you!
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safe150507 artist:jamescorck155 bow hothoof (mlp)16 rainbow dash (mlp)2675 windy whistles (mlp)41 oc103880 equine38200 fictional species136714 mammal231379 pegasus9385 pony31631 unicorn11160 feral62686 friendship is magic29769 hasbro35957 my little pony35463 20198804 202126087 amber eyes2463 black body7215 black fur6479 blue body8333 blue fur7825 double facehoof1 ears83018 embarrassed1874 facehoof10 feathered wings7371 feathers12254 female206763 flag911 fur109843 gray eyes698 hair98322 hooves12193 indoors8485 magenta eyes925 male90666 mare13716 multicolored hair2781 purple hair2693 signature18228 sitting17333 stallion3267 white hair4323 wings23556


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