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Viw's Art

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The Kanjis/Chinese letters on the image literally mean "Silver Spoon"

DB source
safe58270 artist:uotapo17 silver spoon (mlp)35 earth pony4761 equine21859 fictional species54254 mammal87760 pony18553 feral33148 friendship is magic18139 hasbro21095 my little pony20801 cute5826 female72080 filly520 foal446 glasses4168 jewelry3524 looking at you23505 meganekko207 name pun18 namesake67 necklace1589 orange background143 periodic table377 pun230 silly139 silver18 simple background25532 solo67638 solo female44459 tail48514 tongue15754 tongue out10340 young1833


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