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A mess in library
Second drawing from library series, you can call it a sequel, but i think its a prequel, lol
And to be honest I dont really like this art.

suggestive54756 artist:hellcat12082 twilight sparkle (mlp)2942 equine39949 fictional species147132 mammal249631 pony33138 unicorn11746 anthro220527 friendship is magic31063 hasbro37473 my little pony36970 nintendo63585 pokémon47686 202229795 armpits6173 bedroom eyes33564 belly button55087 bibliophile3 bibliophilia1 book2122 bookshelf212 bra6042 breasts141725 clothes130654 digital art103500 erect nipples10883 eyebrow through hair1348 eyebrows7530 eyelashes78667 female223995 fur120380 glasses12944 glasses off172 hair108073 horn14470 legwear20495 library148 long hair6933 looking at you81216 lying down16167 multicolored hair2954 nipple outline6408 nipples75486 on back4621 panties15639 pinup1717 poké ball745 pose26132 purple body4089 purple eyes4706 purple fur2966 solo203686 solo female147185 stockings14996 tail149892 thigh highs4530 thighs90255 two toned hair1773 underwear19490 wide hips78727


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