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Get uppercut
Do you get hit on the left, or on the right? Or maybe … you will get an uppercut…
My character - Zutagesh’zi (or just Zuta)
suggestive20030 artist:zazush-una109 oc49686 oc only32291 oc:zutagesh'zi1 kangaroo501 mammal105715 marsupial1786 anthro86276 20194884 blue hair2843 bottomwear10166 boxing gloves112 breasts47479 brown body5727 brown eyes2021 brown fur6254 bulge957 chucks5 clothes49716 digital art29491 ears21376 fur44489 gloves5272 hair37538 intersex2726 intersex female2317 looking at you31308 open mouth24825 shoes4738 shorts3163 signature10980 simple background30088 solo82494 solo intersex female1413 tail60311 tan body2679 tan fur2875 teeth14632 tongue19774


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