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Well, I have a pegasus-genie hybrid ponysona, what about something cursed? A Space Kicker-tatzlwurm hybrid OC! Her name is Eminence Shine. She’s shy but very good at playing soccer! Her descendant is not a Space Kicker.
I’m not good at sports 😑
I’m just a minor, I don’t draw r34 stuffs 😒. Space Kickers have no clothes.  
Inspired from TheLunarCity and EternalTheMandarin06
Made with Inkscape.  
SVG file:
safe62558 artist:radomila radon236 space kicker (rhythm heaven)35 oc45742 oc only30023 oc:eminence shine8 alien2164 feline16800 fictional species59865 hybrid3018 mammal96796 reptile8010 snake1617 tatzlwurm13 humanoid5060 nintendo18881 rhythm heaven216 .svg available489 absurd resolution2094 breasts41939 clothes44864 collar5680 fangs5874 female81215 hat4799 heart5220 sexy1662 sharp teeth8508 simple background27462 snake tail268 solo75205 solo female50231 tail54451 teeth13414 transparent background4950 vector1153


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