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Viw's Art

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#SpyroTheDragon #EloratheFaun #SpyroReignitedTrilogy https://t.co/gYJAR5hswm

suggestive15668 artist:cello_us6 elora (spyro)127 faun127 fictional species54571 mammal88186 anthro69645 unguligrade anthro2389 spyro the dragon (series)577 brown hair2861 butt14375 butt focus250 cream body1940 cream fur1774 female72535 fur35954 hair27911 heart4920 hooves6848 looking at you23695 looking back6725 looking back at you4030 orange body2931 orange fur3202 rear view5441 short tail1610 solo68039 solo female44740 tail48827


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