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115, Moscovium  
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This completes the entire periodic table - kirins and lamias are both very mythical, but their combination is a real beast to vector out.
SVG here. This is a commission for Acorn over Discord; my commission info can be found here.
safe67545 artist:parclytaxel127 oc49686 oc only32291 oc:acorn8 equine24877 fictional species65145 hybrid3221 kirin233 mammal105711 snake1781 feral36746 lamia190 series:joycall6's periodic table128 friendship is magic20112 hasbro24007 my little pony23680 .svg available497 absurd resolution2480 chemistry94 commission8743 fangs6179 forked tongue557 long tail938 looking at you31308 male46279 moscovium4 periodic table377 sharp teeth9328 simple background30087 slit pupils1092 smiling22482 snake tongue48 solo82492 solo male15672 stallion2322 tail60307 teeth14630 tongue19772 tongue out12147 vector1184 white background11203


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