118, Oganesson  
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This commission is for Acres and while having an earth pony in the noble gas group feels rather odd, (1) it’s been done at helium and (2) I liked how 118 and Acres sound similar.
SVG here. See >>107569 if you’d like to get a slot on the table for yourself!
safe93813 artist:parclytaxel136 oc64584 oc only41961 oc:acres8 earth pony6325 equine30038 fictional species88867 mammal145792 pony24901 feral47367 series:joycall6's periodic table128 hasbro28675 my little pony28246 .svg available518 absurd resolution2751 chemistry95 clothes70254 commission13278 hat6962 male61496 oganesson5 periodic table378 simple background40671 smiling30048 socks (leg marking)1352 solo116802 solo male20444 stallion2712 vector1278 white background14653


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