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i think she is one of my favorite characters
safe55593 artist:dendrokin1 loona (vivzmind)1013 canine24901 fictional species49867 hellhound1045 mammal81617 anthro62989 hazbin hotel1102 helluva boss1084 20218300 belly button10269 big breasts9955 black nose5468 bottomwear7528 breasts30981 chair765 cleavage3345 clothes35849 collar4964 colored sclera3259 ear fluff5424 eyebrows4717 eyelashes10860 eyeshadow1182 female65796 fingerless gloves947 fluff17068 fur32328 gloves3719 gray body3405 gray fur4000 gray hair938 hair24149 hand on face244 long gloves1012 long hair2070 looking at you20686 makeup1718 multicolored fur3681 nipple outline1102 panties3931 red sclera872 signature9529 solo62655 solo female40716 spiked collar822 torn clothes553 torn ear747 unamused537 underwear5578 white body7437 white eyes786 white fur8362


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