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Loona be angry. >
safe55588 artist:shade1051 loona (vivzmind)1013 canine24899 fictional species49866 hellhound1045 mammal81611 anthro62984 hazbin hotel1101 helluva boss1083 20218297 angry1079 black nose5466 bust4039 collar4964 colored sclera3259 cute5487 ears10047 eyeshadow1182 female65789 fluff17065 fur32326 gray body3405 gray fur4000 gray hair938 gritted teeth919 hair24145 long hair2070 madorable16 makeup1718 multicolored fur3679 reaction image83 red sclera872 shoulder fluff1918 solo62649 solo female40710 spiked collar822 teeth11414 two toned body1827 two toned fur1519 white body7437 white eyes786 white fur8362


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