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Allstar by Smashmouth
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Meow :3
Okay so like, did you guys know that in the anime, Goh’s Magikarp jumped so high, it reached outer space? And that was a lot to process, emotionally. Still is. A Magikarp reached outer space. And, a little under a year ago when I was watching the anime and first learned of this, I had to do something to deal with the emotional impact of it all.
So I wrote and sang a parody of Steam Powered Giraffe’s “Fire Fire” that I titled “Magikarp in Space”. And I was thinking about it again, so it’s what I’m listening to >^-^< My apologies that it’s not on YouTube, it kept getting copyright struck on there lol. And sorry my singing’s rough around the edges and I mess up a bit here and there, even after a few takes my heart was still pounding with anxiety from my mom always acting like I’m the worst singer on the entire planet. But who was going to sing this, if not me? xP
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