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Meow :3
To be fair, he was known as the disaster movie guy and had recently had a huge hit with Independence Day. It honestly kinda feels like he could have made a decent Godzilla film, just have Godzilla cause disaster cuz that's what Emmerich was good with. I think having Godzilla do not much other than run away was the biggest misstep. It still probably wouldn't have been amazing but I'd settle for tolerable, lol.

Well, the actual biggest misstep was scrapping the Stan Winston film that was being made, but that doesn't relate as much to Emmerich.

And since this is the stupid stuff that comes to mind thread, I'd like to add that I'm currently thinking about [the Angweenus.]( And so must you.
Reason: Captain, it's the Angweenus, sir!
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