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I don’t know where to put this but I felt like venting and this seems to be the most relevant place.
Porn helps meet a biological and psychological need. It can even be fun and interesting or be shared to make it a social thing.
It’s not a good long-term replacement for physical contact though. I have trouble having sex. Not because of porn… But I have trouble all the same… Long story. Can’t go into it but I’ll just say PTSD is a bitch and leave it at that. :/ It’s frustrating.
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There’s a furry youtube channel I saw 3 years ago, and I wanted to share here, these are video made in 2003, with slapstick comedy, especially on both female and male furries equally.
Warning! Mildly Suggestive contents!
Some videos including Flip the Frog, Quality Time.
And also Sabrina in Remote Possibilities where the female anthro skunk got rule 63’d, feralized, humanized and so on until she’s back to normal.
Anonymous #98C3
I think it’s an AI’s combination of that with at least 1 other thing in it too. …Cause I was searching for various lines from it and couldn’t seem to find any one thing that had more than a couple complete sentences with the same exact words and phrasing in it. I’ll have to watch that animation when I get home and see though.
The article was generated from an AI.. It makes articles when you type keywords into it, in this case: “Furry mouse yiff.” Lmao.
Edit:Nope, appears to just be the script lol.
Anonymous #3917
Furry Touhou Pixiv, this is how to post it without relying on crossovers (especially MLP) or ponifications. (Need to login for 18+ contents on unfiltered)
Talk about ponifications if you are also interested..
Another way is here, in Nico.jp (NSFW is unfiltered here compared to Pixiv!!). (Need to login to get full resolution image)
Talk about ponifications if you are also interested.
Using these Japanese unicoded keywords to search : ケモノ (furry), 東方 (touhou), and even マイリトルポニー (my little pony)
Note : This series is NOT AN ANIME, is a Japanese game.
Humanoids are welcome. 18+ also welcome, but….  
Do not posts some stuffs that is kinda like foalcon… According to the site’s rules…

Anyway, this is the trick of how this series’ images can be posted here.
Anonymous #3917
@Anonymous #3917  
All other franchises that are hot hit in Japan (even the western one like Crash Bandicoot) can also do the same trick.  
Using the Japanese version of the series names (or character names).
Series that are furry-oriented already don’t need a [ケモノ (furry)] tag in search keyword.
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