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Gothmon on a leash

She's looking suspiciously nice today…. ¬¬'

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suggestive11929 artist:doomxwolf108 fictional species45360 taomon8 anthro56741 digimon1149 belly button8662 black nose3992 black sclera846 blue eyes7261 body markings953 bottomless1583 breasts26427 clothes32165 colored sclera2698 ears7650 eyebrows3808 eyelashes8126 facial markings234 fangs4644 female59283 fluff15134 fur28536 hat3703 high heels505 huge breasts3099 kneeling1760 leash605 looking at you18119 multicolored fur2900 nudity31660 open mouth16092 open smile1297 partial nudity3483 sharp teeth6488 shoes2981 shoulder fluff1594 smiling15736 solo56656 solo female34753 tail39287 tail fluff3151 teeth10230 thick thighs2544 thighs7224 tongue12281 two toned body1419 two toned fur1209 white body6384 white fur7418 yellow body2388 yellow fur2466


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