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Viw's Art

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16" x 20" color pencil mainly with some Pitt brush pens, copics, and OMG watercolor pencil

Sorry about the repost but if I am to get some helpful critique and suggestions, I thought I better post the whole piece. It is a camera shot so I have lost a lot of res due to wobble. I will get a proper scan eventually.
As I said, critique and suggestions very welcome. I will be making adjustments on this for a while so if anyone sees anything that could be improved, please sing out. I know I have issues with it but I just don't know what to do with em. Lot of experimentation.
And thanks to all of those who have helped so far!

Note: still picking at it. Gotta work on the eyes

A shot at something dramatic and multiple characters. I also have a short story to go along with this piece that I will post when I decide I am finished with the picture.

And a salute to all the pencils who gave there lives in the making of this piece. :)


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