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Rift 34

Got hype for launch, glad I got this done on time. It was fun going for a mock game cover aesthetic.
Very excited for the enforcer as well.
suggestive11929 artist:remarkably_average1 esix (e621)4 rivet (r&c)225 fictional species45355 lombax257 mammal74776 robot659 anthro56736 e6219 ratchet & clank265 areola9536 blue eyes7261 boots1136 breasts26425 clothes32162 duo17543 ear piercing3264 earring1828 ears7648 fangs4644 female59277 female focus2129 gloves3018 goggles858 goggles on head201 gun791 hair20809 looking at you18115 nipples16138 nudity31657 open mouth16091 open smile1297 piercing4380 pink nose854 portal30 prosthetic arm194 prosthetics253 sharp teeth6488 shoes2981 smiling15736 solo focus3453 tail39282 teeth10230 thighs7220 tongue12280 weapon2412


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