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Lola's Uniform (nsfw)
Forgot to release this one ' but Lola didn't forget to release her HUGE- yeah you get it. xp

suggestive11929 alternate version4380 artist:alfa995139 lola bunny (looney tunes)368 lagomorph3945 mammal74781 rabbit3828 anthro56741 looney tunes489 space jam220 space jam: a new legacy154 warner brothers746 20215974 areola9536 belly button8662 big breasts7942 blonde hair1140 blue eyes7261 boob drop2 breasts26427 clothes32165 dialogue5062 eyebrows3808 eyelashes8126 female59283 flashing123 fur28536 gloves3018 hair20811 heart4201 heart eyes551 looking at you18119 multicolored fur2900 nipples16138 nudity31660 one eye closed2588 open mouth16092 partial nudity3483 solo56656 solo female34753 speech bubble3299 talking6271 tongue12281 two toned body1419 two toned fur1209 wingding eyes637


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I already was sexually awakaened. I knew she was sexy but that was just her character I thought.
I also did like the message that if you believe you can do it then you can. I always was and to a large extent still am often paralyzed with doubt and have a really bad tendency to overthink things. It was really inspirational for me to see them just do what they do best and work together.
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I loved that movie when I was 13 and the whole bunny boobies didn't even occur to me. I just loved the whole thing of spicing up basketball with looney toones antics. I was a huge fan of wacky racers and this felt like a basketball version of that.
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