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Viw's Art

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Close your eyes, and I'll be there.
In memories, in dreams.
It's just a different world than yours.
Don't grieve that I'm no longer here.
I am not here – I am not gone.

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Alternate sources:
safe45663 artist:tanidareal24 canine19481 mammal66285 wolf3975 feral27626 20214281 ambiguous gender6333 aurora borealis21 blue eyes6637 butt fluff320 claws7203 death388 dreaming31 duo15230 ear fluff4159 featured image89 fluff13702 fur24999 head fluff1481 ice107 neck fluff2183 night929 northern lights1 open mouth14237 paws9034 scenery1361 scenery porn470 signature8659 spirit53 tail35562 tail fluff2675 teeth9113 white body5562 white fur6665


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