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Jan 27, 2021
Crouching tiger
Color sketch of Harry, doing cat things.
safe37790 artist:heresyart34 oc27708 oc only18651 oc:harry campbell (heresyart)1 big cat2041 feline9935 mammal54739 tiger684 anthro40611 20206759 :3159 black hair1265 cheek fluff3136 chest fluff4400 crouching62 detailed background685 ear fluff3277 fluff11151 fur19639 grass1275 hair14067 jewelry2149 looking at you12614 male26464 multicolored hair676 necklace977 ringtail229 short hair222 shoulder fluff1034 solo41867 solo male10034 striped fur672 tail29882 teal eyes493 two toned hair259 white body4052 white fur5254 white hair1161 white tiger22


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