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Viw's Art

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Holiday Gift Luna
A holiday piece from last year. YCH Result.

Nude Version:>>63699
suggestive8289 artist:brushstroke5 princess luna (mlp)626 alicorn2092 equine16761 fictional species35688 mammal55487 pony14419 anthro41076 friendship is magic14594 hasbro16184 my little pony16022 blue body1827 blue fur3345 cameltoe426 christmas545 christmas tree115 conifer tree172 cutie mark2608 detailed background694 ear fluff3343 feathered wings4042 feathers5408 female42764 fluff11419 fur20003 gift wrapped13 hair14328 holiday1047 horn6057 long hair860 looking at you12774 mane1869 nudity23214 partial nudity2423 present108 ribbon302 solo42476 solo female25877 starry mane17 starry tail5 tail30385 teal eyes509 tree1956 wings8797


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Anonymous #EB68
Get the melted chocolate off your hands and take care to actually unwrap your package instead of haphazardly tearing it open this time, Kevin.
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