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Originally posted on: June 8, 2020
Computer Trouble

I wanted to wish happy birthday to my good friend thediscorded with this picture of his OC doing some PC building, and even though I was slightly late I'm glad I still got to share it with him and get his permission to post it

Thanks to Pirill-Poveniy for their feedback on the sketch!
safe9734 artist:djdavid98164 oc10318 oc only5725 oc:carbon copy6 arthropod416 changeling233 equine5519 fictional species9538 mammal13641 pony4886 friendship is magic4633 my little pony5362 birthday gift8 blue eyes1315 border5 cable14 clothes4724 colored lineart1 computer42 feral8383 glasses519 green hair78 hat518 hooves1971 horn1959 male7725 screwdriver12 screws1 simple background3788 solo10266 solo male2963 table122 tail10862 text859 transparent background1003 wings3428


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