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[$] BalefirePhoenix
Sketch page commission for balefirephoenix balefirephoenix
Thank you! <3
safe28216 artist:draktau3 oc20853 oc only13775 oc:yskra (balefirephoenix)2 bird3778 bird of prey501 deinonychus6 dinosaur351 feathered dinosaur13 hybrid1458 raptor160 secretary bird16 anthro27932 feral19177 arm wings74 bird feet1307 blue feathers987 bottomwear3425 bowtie180 chest fluff3201 claws4932 clothes16468 commission2224 duality107 feathered wings3303 feathers4336 fluff7879 gradient background1076 gun439 male19348 pants1541 sharp teeth3347 solo30235 solo male7077 spotted body152 suit178 tail21785 talons1192 teeth5263 topwear4480 weapon1284 white feathers297 wings6952 yellow body642 yellow feathers101


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