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Original description:
Posted to Twitter on 26 June 2021.

safe167869 artist:tontaro566 eevee2263 eeveelution10776 fictional species153649 mammal261948 feral67843 nintendo66839 pokémon50239 1:13929 202127836 2d20817 2d animation4873 3 toes1491 :3770 ambiguous gender23226 animated9675 apng32 belly2676 brown belly9 brown body12634 brown ears97 brown eyes3920 brown face9 brown fur12521 brown head11 brown inner ear19 brown tail436 bushy tail55 casual nudity1162 closed mouth263 closed smile125 complete nudity4284 cute14940 digital art111793 dipstick tail2019 ears99855 fluff44116 front view7607 fun26 fur128251 happy3327 having fun24 head fluff3327 holding7765 holding on2 long ears2268 loop383 multicolored body3344 multicolored fur8489 multicolored tail1629 neck fluff11480 nose111 nudity126454 paw pads14543 paws28488 pink paw pads251 simple background74313 sitting19788 slit pupils1552 small nose18 smiling48398 solo214111 solo ambiguous10846 swing100 swinging44 tail160029 tail flick6 tail fluff8212 three-quarter view4572 two toned body5483 two toned fur4311 two toned tail607 underpaw4648 white background24864


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