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I saw the same cute picture with Lapras, and decided to make my own version with Woona :3
Who wouldn’t want to cuddle this little muzzle?!

safe160865 artist:polnocnykot22 princess luna (mlp)1418 alicorn5190 equine40031 fictional species147658 human15894 mammal250409 pony33212 feral66118 friendship is magic31187 hasbro37549 my little pony37033 202417850 :p332 adorable face17 blushing41632 cheek fluff9085 chest fluff12063 comic9843 cute14477 disembodied hand1340 ear fluff12517 eyes closed19296 feathered wings7629 feathers12866 featured image275 female224819 filly1060 floppy ears3953 fluff42957 foal1209 folded wings1373 heart11456 hooves12946 horn14501 hug3029 looking up1665 missing accessory440 open mouth57385 raised hoof687 redraw287 smiling46498 smol68 spread wings6004 tongue45819 tongue out24772 ungulate1169 unshorn fetlocks1467 wings24880 young4902 younger628


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