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I was aiming to draw the pony version of firefox icon, but not sure if I can use OCs not belonged to me.
Therefor I changed my mind half way. So The size may be a bit small for a princess (but cute!)

safe166588 artist:hcl3 princess luna (mlp)1454 alicorn5309 equine40817 fictional species152368 mammal259450 pony33872 feral67564 friendship is magic31748 hasbro38229 my little pony37709 202334357 :p340 ;p19 crown1970 cute14882 dialogue18135 ear fluff12791 feathered wings8900 feathers15084 female233322 fluff43892 hair114289 headwear12067 high res24587 horn14927 jewelry10341 looking at you84881 mane5595 mare15149 moon2363 one eye closed10741 regalia2036 sky5786 smiling48013 solo211956 solo female153127 space594 speech bubble13008 spread wings6126 stars1760 tail158184 talking20449 talking to viewer3019 tangible heavenly object6 tongue47157 tongue out25359 wings26155 winking2966


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