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I was aiming to draw the pony version of firefox icon, but not sure if I can use OCs not belonged to me.
Therefor I changed my mind half way. So The size may be a bit small for a princess (but cute!)

safe140753 artist:hcl2 princess luna (mlp)1281 alicorn4736 equine36965 fictional species128019 mammal215303 pony30714 feral59852 friendship is magic29021 hasbro35013 my little pony34529 202326612 :p275 ;p16 crown1664 cute12962 dialogue14998 ear fluff11065 feathered wings7186 feathers11648 female191413 fluff38024 g468 hair88860 headwear8720 high res23516 horn13628 jewelry8562 looking at you69607 lunabetes7 mane4957 mare13351 moon2063 one eye closed9239 regalia1649 s1 luna (mlp)4 sky5093 smiling40537 solo175480 space553 speech bubble10098 spread wings5569 stars1455 tail127045 talking17068 talking to viewer2338 tangible heavenly object5 tongue40074 tongue out21824 wings22280 winking2579


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